Linktastic Chain of Discovery

I was listening to the soundtrack for Trine this morning at work and I began to wonder what instruments were used therein. First I looked up “autoharp”, because I thought that’s what I’d heard. Anyway, the Wikipedia entry for autoharp has a link for the Zither, which I followed.

Not knowing what a zither sounds like I next did a Google video search for “zither”. This ultimately lead me to the video “Only Girl (in the World)… on ZITHER?!?!” by Jake Bruene. As silly as Mr. Bruene’s physical performance is, the cover of Rihanna’s song was pretty good. I’m amazed this “simple” instrument of ancient origin could be used to make such a groovy piece. The other videos documenting his “epic battle” with, I assume, fellow student Kurt Hugo Schneider are worth watching.

After watching several turns of Bruene and Schneider’s musical duel of the century I watched Bruene’s cover of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” – which was also a great video. I’ve heard the phrase “Everyday I’m Shufflin'” through memes, so I finally Google searched that as well finding the LMFAO music video for “Party Rock Anthem” in the process. The parody of the classic zombie movie where everyone in the world has become “infected” with dance was hilarious. I thought the part where Redfoo suddenly starts dancing after witnessing the horror of the conversion of one of the last uninfected survivors to be especially funny. Party Rock Anthem went quadruple platinum in the U.S. and octuple platinum in Australia – no small feat.

A momentary deviation from the topic here at the end of this chain: the instrument in the Trine soundtrack I was looking for was the harpsichord.

I wish I had musical talent. Maybe if I learned to play something I wouldn’t be too bad. I do have a distinct lack of creativity, though, so I don’t know if I’d ever produce anything original.

o hai!

I can has WordPress blog?

Yes. Yes, I can… has.

I’m so not motivated to do anything custom for this site right now. So I decided to ask Mr. Hart’s advice. WordPress was his recommendation. So here we are – out with the old, in with the new.

Not that installing WordPress will help me with my other issue: knowing what to talk about. I don’t feel like I’ll be able to contribute anything to the Intarwebs – there are already so many cyber-outlets for putting your whatevers out there (e.g.: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) and I certainly don’t want to become (in)famous for something stupid.

The last thing I need is to use this blog to simply vent my frustrations about the world, though perhaps I might be able to do it in a manner interesting enough to warrant a following. Maybe I’ll start a web comic or any one of the other score of harebrained and transient ideas that keep coming to mind. We’ll see.

Maybe I should take the “30-day challenge” as Mr. Hart did and work into it that way. I don’t know. I’ll think about it.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to I Can Has Cheezburger.