Out with the Old

Some things have been runnin’ on this web server for a long time and have been in use by hundreds of people for a few years now. When I added WordPress to this site on October 18th and changed my .htaccess file to serve content from the blog I inadvertently cut off the long time users of the DDO Crafting Helper.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played DDO and the Crafting Helper has long been outdated. I’m afraid this evening, in preparation for the future of RandoJones.com, I’ve archived it – likely with permanence – along with every other file on the server. If anyone is interested in hosting it or recreating it themselves on their own server I may be able to provide the data, HTML/CSS, and .NET class library for the mini-site (or perhaps even the Visual Studio project files if I still have them). If you are interested, please send inquiries to DDOCrafting at RandoJones.

DDO was great and the advancements Turbine made in the engine that was originally created to run Asheron’s Call 2 (and that now runs Lord of the Rings Online) made the world of Eberron a very beautiful place to explore. I managed to make it to the top and had many successful adventures with my level 20 Ranger and it was a grand time. Building a character around the Deepwood Sniper ability was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, DDO seemed to succumb to the same design philosophy that befell Asheron’s Call 2: the “Fun-on-Rails” policy, as I called it boiled down essentially to this: “You’ll have fun how we tell you to have fun.” Of course, this led to a lot of not-fun going on. Overall, though, even with DDO’s faults it was still a fun game. I even logged on as a non-subscriber (since it’s now “free-to-play, pay-to-win” more or less) a year or so later to see what all had changed and I was still happy to wander around and visit some of the old hunting grounds (that were open to a non-paying customer).

Ahh, the good ole days… Hey, Will, if you’re still out there – send me an email some time, friend! It’s been a while…