Easier, but Not More Appealing

Having the right tools for the job will certainly make a job easier; it doesn’t necessarily make doing that job more appealing. Perhaps in that statement my problem is revealed: blogging feels like a job – not one I look forward to doing; thankfully I don’t “blog” for a living. I’m no writer and that’s probably why.

I looked at various schedules for authoring and publishing new content and I think I’d like to try an “every four days” arrangement. A start date of January 1st also looks attractive since 2012 starts on a Sunday and it’s the new year (resolutions and all that, though blogging is hardly something I’m “resolving” to do in the new year).

A new post every fourth day means I’ll run through each day of the week once every four weeks. That lead me to consider making each day of the week’s post fit a particular genre or topic. For example: Wednesday could be “Humpback Whale”-day since Wednesday is commonly called “Hump Day” or Saturdays’ posts can be about cartoons or I could whine about workplace woes on Monday. The possibilities, as they say, “are endless”.

I don’t know why I would want to do this, only that I want to; I think I’m chasing after fortune and glory. What degrees of either will I reap from the Intarwebs, however, is yet to be seen.

C’mon, big money!