In the Court of the King

Yesterday afternoon a friend family’s 16-month old son, Avery, passed away. Unofficially (and presumably; no autopsy has been performed), the causal agent was a severe abdominal infection leading to heart failure. He had been in the hospital a week earlier for an undisclosed reason (to us) and was treated and released. Friday afternoon he was airlifted to a university hospital in Nashville and placed on life support and his heart stopped.

For the half-day prior to Saturday morning everyone poured their prayer into little Avery, hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, Avery lost the battle and passed on into eternity to be with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy and it is even more difficult when it involves someone so young and innocent. Being Christian doesn’t make dealing with death easier – it does give us assurance that there is hope beyond death and that death is not the final arbiter of our lives.

I’m pretty sure I have about zero regular readers here at, but if you’re of a giving and generous nature, a fundraiser project for Avery’s surviving family has been created: InTheCourtOfTheKing @

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