In the Court of the King 3

It’s been a long week since Avery’s untimely passing. We’ve grieved a great deal, the fundraiser has grown beyond our expectations, and some of us are seeing things with a new light.

Give Forward is a great resource for fundraising. It allows people to donate online to a cause without the need to stand in front of a supermarket "hounding" and chasing people and begging their compassion. From personal experience and non-scientific observation and conclusion jumping, most people don’t like to be bothered or confronted when they’re "on a mission" (e.g.: going into the grocery store to buy groceries, coming out of the store to load their car and go home, walking through the mall to the movies, etc.). The same rule applies to telephone and email. In general, making a request in a manner that interrupts a person’s set itinerary is going encounter a higher degree of apology for disinterest and apathy than if a passive request is made.

Present these same people with a URL they can visit at their leisure, however, and things are quite different. I don’t believe the "In the Court of the King" fundraiser would have been near as successful using the traditional approaches. Of course, there are people that are interested in talking to strangers outside the grocery store and are sympathetic to their plight; more are willing to participate when they’re not put on the spot in front of everyone passing by.

I wonder if a mix of traditional methods with new technology might fare better than traditional methods alone. QR codes, for example. Humans are naturally curious and handing someone a business card with only a QR code and a URL on it or standing in front of a grocery store holding a small placard with the same might begin more conversations.

Let your potential benefactors make the first move. They’ll feel in control of the situation and more likely to listen.

Again, no scientific research on this, just going with a gut feeling. I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’ about fundraising, but this project has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever been a part of.

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