In the Court of the King 4

I just wrote an email to the producer and the host of The Dave Glover Show ("The DGS" as it’s called), a local talk radio program on 97.1fm in St. Louis, MO. On Tuesday’s (June 26th’s) program, Dave mentioned how sick his daughter was and I was immediately reminded of how sick Avery was. He then went on to talk about how "we" (himself, his listeners, and everybody) should help sick children and their families – it was a sincere statement and The DGS crew has done much work in that area as well as helping military veterans and victims of disasters; if I recall correctly, they filled two or three 53-foot trailers full of goods to take to Joplin, MO after the F5 tornado wiped a large part of it from the planet.

It was the perfect opportunity. I instructed Mr. Glover to make sure his daughter gets all the care she needs thinking of Avery’s sudden turn (as much as you can tell a grown man and complete stranger what to do with his family). I used that opportunity to ask their compassion and tell people they know about our little fundraiser. I stated that we had already raised nearly $29,000 for John and Audra and that we are satisfied with that and were not asking for air-time (time is money, after all). $29,000 is an incredible amount of money and no measly achievement for everyone that has participated. Not to mention the physical things I saw awaiting the Notgrasses at the Family Vision Library! You all have really come through for them and they are thankful for that.

I’d been contemplating writing the DGS or The Dana Show ("that sucked out loud", anyone? Hahaha!) about passing word of the fundraiser along to their contacts, but couldn’t find the right opportunity to approach such entities; how do you approach someone at that level and ask "Hey, you don’t know me, but would you mind if I used you for your contacts". Today, the right opportunity leapt from the radio speakers and I wrote them an email – I’ll post the content if I hear from them. I made the request politely stating "we’re satisfied with what we’ve received" and asked if they would relay our fundraiser to people they know. I hope they do – that’d be just another helping of amazing to this project.

It’s been a real joy to make the updates to the fundraiser as we pass goals (and in-between). I wish we’d known about GiveForward sooner, we might have used it to help pay our own bills after George was born spending his first month in the ICU between Mercy and Children’s. Insurance has thankfully paid for nearly all of the expenses related to his initial care. There’s still a huge amount listed as "pending" and the follow-ups from his second month onward were a large drain, but we’re still hangin’ on. We’re rest in the Lord and His provision and guidance.

I hope the DGS responds favorably to my request. Kinda excited over here!

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