In the Court of the King 5

I did hear back from the producer of The Dave Glover Show. He asked that I send them a short list of bullet points about the fundraiser and that hey would try to get an announcement on the air. That was Friday, June 29th at about 13:30.

However, it appears they were unable to make an on-air announcement about the fundraiser and did not get back to me about plans to do so by the time the fundraiser ended.

That’s OK, though. The project had already had a HUGE impact. I don’t FEEL that the Dave Glover Show being unable to make an announcement was a signal that I was wandering away from what the Lord had done. It could have been a gentle reminder that He was calling the shots and didn’t need my assistance.

I’m honored and privileged to have been a part of helping everyone help the Notgrasses. I was just a guy using a tool created by someone else. I can’t say I’d like the circumstances if I had to do another one, but I certainly would.

I’ve seen the GiveForward fundraisers of others on the site; I am pained to hear these stories. If I was rich, Lord, I’d give it away.

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