Mythic Forge PSA

Basic maths:

1 Lv 6 gold material = 1,024 Lv 1 gray materials


It takes 1,024 material “points” to make 1 Lv 6 gold material

For the sake of argument and simplicity, let’s say we’re going to craft a Lv 6 gold Glass Sword – its only material requirement is 1x Glass – it does 10,000 damage in the Guild Adventurers Hall. Assume as well that we have the Mythic Forge upgraded to Lv 6.

If you already have 1x of Lv 6 gold Glass, you’re done, just craft it. If you don’t, but you want to start using the Glass Sword because, while a Lv 1 gray Glass Sword isn’t so great compared you your Lv 6 gold WOOD Sword, the Lv 3 blue one IS better. But you don’t have enough materials to make a blue one OR let alone a gold one right now. You CAN make a green one right away and you’ll get more materials in less than an hour. So you craft your green one and make due until you get your materials.

So you’ve used 1x Lv 3 Glass to make your Glass Sword. But how much did it cost you in materials? Well, how many gray Lv 1 Glass goes into a green Lv 3 Glass? How many *white Lv 2* Glass does it take to make a green one? How many whites in a green? Grays in a white? 1 white Lv 2 Glass is 4 gray Lv 1 glass, 1 green Lv 3 Glass is 4 white Lv 2 Glass – 4 x 4 = 16. Therefore, 1 green Lv 3 Glass is worth 16 gray Lv 1 Glass – or 16 material “points”. When you combine materials you need 4x of the next lowest quality to make 1x of a new quality – combine 4 into 1. So if you have 16 gray Lv 1 Glass you have enough to make 1 green Lv 3 Glass.

This brings us to the Mythic Forge and upgrading gear quality. You have to start somewhere and thankfully we have a green Lv 3 Glass Sword now. Now let’s upgrade it to blue Lv 4 and explore how the Mythic Forge allows you to use your gear right away while requiring no extra material cost (or material “points”).

Opening the Mythic Forge and selecting our green Lv Glass Sword you see that the upgrade requirements are:

  • Mythic Forge Lv 4
  • 750x iron scraps
  • 3x green Lv 3 Glass

The building level requirement and amount of iron scraps are based on the current level of the gear you’re upgrading. But take special note of the material requirements: it is ALWAYS 3x of the same quality material as the gear you’re upgrading. We have a green Lv 3 Glass Sword, the material requirement is 3x green Lv 3 Glass. We spent 1 green Lv 3 Glass to make the Sword, it’s going to take 3 to upgrade it. This is where the Forge requires NO extra materials to upgrade. We used 1 material unit to make the Sword, we need 3 more of the same quality to upgrade it. 1 + 3 = 4; 1 green + 3 green = 1 blue! If we had 1 blue Lv 4 material in the beginning we could have just crafted a blue Lv 4 Glass Sword outright. If a green Lv 3 material is worth 16x gray Lv 1 materials (16 points), a blue Lv 4 material is 64 gray Lv 1 materials (64 points). In the beginning if we had 64 gray Lv 1 materials we could have combined them into 1 blue Lv 4 material. Apart from iron scraps this is the complete cost of upgrading from level to level. You will always have 1 unit invested in the gear already (since you have to have the item crafted in order to upgrade it) and it will always cost you 3 more to upgrade (never 4).

So by level of the crafted hypothetical Glass Sword, here are the material “points” you must invest in them to create them:

  1. 1 point (1 gray Lv 1 material)
  2. 4 points (1 white Lv 2 material)
  3. 16 points (1 green Lv 3 material)
  4. 64 points (1 blue Lv 4 material)
  5. 256 points (1 purple Lv 5 material)
  6. 1,024 points (1 gold Lv 6 material)

And if you were to upgrade the same, by level:

  1. 3 points (3 Lv 1 gray materials)
  2. 12 points (3 Lv 2 white materials)
  3. 48 points (3 Lv 3 green materials)
  4. 192 points (3 Lv 4 blue materials)
  5. 768 points (3 Lv 5 purple materials)

So to upgrade from level to level:

  1. 1 gray Lv 1 gear (1 point) + 3 gray Lv 1 materials (3 points) = 1 white Lv 2 gear (4 points)
  2. 1 white Lv 2 gear (4 points) + 3 white Lv 1 materials (12 points) = 1 green Lv 3 gear (16 points)
  3. 1 green Lv 3 gear (16 points) + 3 green Lv 3 materials (48 points) = 1 blue Lv 4 gear (64 points)
  4. 1 blue Lv 4 gear (64 points) + 3 blue Lv 4 materials (192 points) = 1 purple Lv 5 gear (256 points)
  5. 1 purple Lv 5 gear (256 points) + 3 purple Lv 5 materials (768 points) = 1 gold Lv 6 gear (1,024 points).

Remember in the beginning we said 1 gold Lv 6 material is worth 1,024 gray Lv 1 materials? The math for the above upgrade path is true: 1 + 3 + 12 + 48 + 192 + 768 = 1,024. And even if you start somewhere in the middle, like with our green Lv 3 Glass Sword, the cost is the same: 1 green Lv 3 Glass Sword (16 points) + 48 + 192 + 768 = 1,024. Take what you already have (a 16 point green sword) and add the upgrade costs for each level up (48 + 192 + 768).

Think of the Mythic Forge as a way to combine a gear with equal quality materials, just like combining materials directly (or gems): you need 4 to make a newer higher quality unit. In the case of the Mythic Forge, the gear itself takes the place of one of the required materials (or 25% of the cost). Which is why each upgrade step only requires 75% of the materials – you’ve already spent some of the materials crafting the gear in he first place – the iron scraps “power” the combination in a way (you might also call the iron scraps the “stand-in” for the missing 4th material unit).

So the Mythic Forge doesn’t waste materials during an upgrade; it doesn’t cost MORE to use the Mythic Forge aside from iron scraps. Where you definitely CAN waste materials, however, is crafting your gear.

For gear that requires multiple materials, unlike our Glass Sword that requires one, when you mix material quality, you have different percentage chances to craft a gear of any specific quality between the minimum and maximum qualities of the materials you use. Goggles, for example, require 2 Glass and one Bronze. If I use 2 gray Lv 1 Glass and 1 gold Lv 6 Bronze, I have a 68% chance of getting gray Lv 1 goggles and a 0.1% (one tenth of 1%) chance of getting gold Lv 6 goggles. In other words I’m betting my gold Lv 6 Bronze against a 99.9% chance to getting a LOWER quality. In other-other words: I’m 99.9% certain to LOSE (i.e.: waster) at most 1,023 material “points” trying to craft with this set of materials. For this reason I typically craft to the highest guaranteed quality (100% chance) and upgrade from there (zero waste).

The other place you can waste materials is in combining them. If you’re not using your Mythic Forge to upgrade, this isn’t really a problem. But if you are, do not combine ALL of any particular material beyond the point you can use it in an upgrade and NEVER combine your materials to gold Lv 6 unless you’re sure you won’t be needing those material points to upgrade. For example: if you have blue gear, don’t combine all your materials to purple – your gear will require 3 blue and if all you have is purple you’re out of luck – you can’t “uncombine” materials and gold Lv 6 materials aren’t used in upgrades.