Not Gonna Make It

I started the year with the thought of making one post every 4 days. It doesn’t appear I’m going to make that goal. It was only 90-some posts. I could probably pull it off if I posted 3 times a day for the rest of the month, though I seriously doubt that will happen.

If I did, though, it’s unlikely anyone would notice expect through my use of the “Retro-post” tag. Ha ha!

Going Stimulant Free

For whatever reason I have suddenly decided to go caffeine free (or at least be less caffeinated than I have been).

Monday was the last time I had a caffeinated beverage and Tuesday I just switched on the “no caffeine” mode. I don’t feel the need to try to ween myself from it so I’m quitting, cold turkey. And that’s not to say “I can quit anytime I want to” and walk around like I’m some kind of big shot. I just don’t want to have any more.

I rarely sleep through the night or dream deeply anymore. Attributable to caffeine? Maybe. We’ll see how it goes in a few weeks. I really just want to get a good night’s sleep.

Easier, but Not More Appealing

Having the right tools for the job will certainly make a job easier; it doesn’t necessarily make doing that job more appealing. Perhaps in that statement my problem is revealed: blogging feels like a job – not one I look forward to doing; thankfully I don’t “blog” for a living. I’m no writer and that’s probably why.

I looked at various schedules for authoring and publishing new content and I think I’d like to try an “every four days” arrangement. A start date of January 1st also looks attractive since 2012 starts on a Sunday and it’s the new year (resolutions and all that, though blogging is hardly something I’m “resolving” to do in the new year).

A new post every fourth day means I’ll run through each day of the week once every four weeks. That lead me to consider making each day of the week’s post fit a particular genre or topic. For example: Wednesday could be “Humpback Whale”-day since Wednesday is commonly called “Hump Day” or Saturdays’ posts can be about cartoons or I could whine about workplace woes on Monday. The possibilities, as they say, “are endless”.

I don’t know why I would want to do this, only that I want to; I think I’m chasing after fortune and glory. What degrees of either will I reap from the Intarwebs, however, is yet to be seen.

C’mon, big money!

Out with the Old

Some things have been runnin’ on this web server for a long time and have been in use by hundreds of people for a few years now. When I added WordPress to this site on October 18th and changed my .htaccess file to serve content from the blog I inadvertently cut off the long time users of the DDO Crafting Helper.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played DDO and the Crafting Helper has long been outdated. I’m afraid this evening, in preparation for the future of, I’ve archived it – likely with permanence – along with every other file on the server. If anyone is interested in hosting it or recreating it themselves on their own server I may be able to provide the data, HTML/CSS, and .NET class library for the mini-site (or perhaps even the Visual Studio project files if I still have them). If you are interested, please send inquiries to DDOCrafting at RandoJones.

DDO was great and the advancements Turbine made in the engine that was originally created to run Asheron’s Call 2 (and that now runs Lord of the Rings Online) made the world of Eberron a very beautiful place to explore. I managed to make it to the top and had many successful adventures with my level 20 Ranger and it was a grand time. Building a character around the Deepwood Sniper ability was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, DDO seemed to succumb to the same design philosophy that befell Asheron’s Call 2: the “Fun-on-Rails” policy, as I called it boiled down essentially to this: “You’ll have fun how we tell you to have fun.” Of course, this led to a lot of not-fun going on. Overall, though, even with DDO’s faults it was still a fun game. I even logged on as a non-subscriber (since it’s now “free-to-play, pay-to-win” more or less) a year or so later to see what all had changed and I was still happy to wander around and visit some of the old hunting grounds (that were open to a non-paying customer).

Ahh, the good ole days… Hey, Will, if you’re still out there – send me an email some time, friend! It’s been a while…

o hai!

I can has WordPress blog?

Yes. Yes, I can… has.

I’m so not motivated to do anything custom for this site right now. So I decided to ask Mr. Hart’s advice. WordPress was his recommendation. So here we are – out with the old, in with the new.

Not that installing WordPress will help me with my other issue: knowing what to talk about. I don’t feel like I’ll be able to contribute anything to the Intarwebs – there are already so many cyber-outlets for putting your whatevers out there (e.g.: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) and I certainly don’t want to become (in)famous for something stupid.

The last thing I need is to use this blog to simply vent my frustrations about the world, though perhaps I might be able to do it in a manner interesting enough to warrant a following. Maybe I’ll start a web comic or any one of the other score of harebrained and transient ideas that keep coming to mind. We’ll see.

Maybe I should take the “30-day challenge” as Mr. Hart did and work into it that way. I don’t know. I’ll think about it.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to I Can Has Cheezburger.